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The Villa Agostoli farm was founded by Umberto Stasi more than 50 years ago. Umberto purchased the mansion, the territory, the farmstead and went to live there with his family. Since then, with dedication and love, he has grown the many hectares of olive trees from which an excellent organic extra-virgin olive oil is produced, completely natural and excellent for health, being rick of anti-oxidants.

The estate also includes ….. hectares of vineyards; the area where Villa Agostoli il located is part of the famous Chianti Colli Senesi, a delimited zone regulated by strict rules for the production of the typical wine of Siena.

The guests of Villa Agostoli can also taste the excellent vegetables grown in the organic garden of the estate. Tomatoes, salads, eggplants, onions, zucchinis, strawberries are grown without chemical herbicides or fertilizers, with totally natural methods thanks to the high quality of the terrain and the exposure to the Sun.

The Villa Agostoli farm also includes a fantastic orchard of chestnut trees, with their high trunk, that produce the renown fruit.

The gardens of every apartment are surrounded by green fields with plants such as roses, lavender and rosemary. All the apartments overlook the vineyards and olive groves, allowing guests to live a fantastic and relaxing holiday, surrounded by nature, scents and silence.