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Red wine Chianti Classico Colli Senesi “Umberto in fiore”

The Villa Agostoli Farm has a long tradition of vineyard growing and wine production. It is located in the famous territory that is regulated for the production of the renowned Chianti Colli Senesi, a wine famous since ancient times, known and appreciated also outside of Tuscany since the year 1500, because of its typical personality and its unmistakeable grace. The Chianti Coli senesi has been awarded the DOP certification (denomination of protected origin) in 1967 and the DOCG in 1981. Its excellent organoleptic properties, due to the specific environment where it’s produced, exceptionally favorable to grapes, have made it one of the best Chianti wines currently available. The Chianti Colli Senesi is a red wine obtained from the “Sangiovese”, the typical vineyard variety of Tuscany, that must be used no less than 75%.
For its typical character, a little rough and complicated, it reminds of the Tuscan personality.
The strict rules imposed by the Consorzio Chianti Colli senesi regulate every aspect of the cultivation and production.

The Villa Agostoli Farm has completely renewed it vineyards in May 2015, dividing them with plants of………………….. according to the Consorzio’s regulations. From ………. the new Chianti Colli Senesi red wine will enter production. This will be a totally organic wine, called “Umberto in Fiore” after the founder of the estate.